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Maui Wedding Packages for Hawaii Weddings

Maui Wedding Packages by Simple Maui Wedding

About Simple Maui Wedding
About Simple Maui Wedding


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Maui Wedding Packages for Beach and Venue Weddings

Simply beautiful Maui wedding packages for Maui beach weddings and venue weddings with breathtaking photography at the core of our business. Come find the perfect Maui wedding package just for you.

Specializing in Maui Weddings, we provide only top quality wedding coordination in Maui. With Maui Wedding Packages for venue and Maui beach weddings we are able to make your Hawaii wedding dreams a reality. Let us take care of your wedding planning by coordinating our staff of wedding professionals with thousands of hours of combined Maui wedding experience to make your day run smoothly. We make sure that when you say "I do", you're not getting "Just Maui'd", you're getting quality, professionalism and an attentive wedding staff to help you through your Maui wedding journey.

If you are a bride and groom interested in having a Maui Wedding the most popular wedding packages are Maui Beach Weddings. Beach weddings in Maui give you that dreamlike 'wedding in Hawaii' look, brides can't help but travel thousands of miles to Hawaii to find.

Maui Venue Weddings are also a very popular option because they offer a more intimate Maui wedding experience. Venue weddings in Maui have a different look than beach weddings. They usually have more green in the photos because of the manicured lawns of these scenic venues. Maui venue weddings also afford you a level of privacy that beach weddings do not do to exclusivity.

Clients often ask, "which is the best Maui wedding package option"? It really depends what you want your wedding on Maui to look like. As Maui wedding planners we believe that no matter what, you need to get some Maui wedding photos on the beach. The beach wedding photos are really what shows to everyone "I got married on Maui" and it was spectacular.

Looking for Maui Wedding Locations? Take a look at these amazing beach wedding locations on Maui. These Maui beach wedding locations have been hand selected by Simple Maui Wedding because of certain characteristics. These beaches have been chosen because of their beauty, ease of access and proximity to resort areas and popular lodging locations in Maui. We want our clients to know that, "if we the owners were to get married in Maui, we would use any one of these locations ourselves".

Why should you choose Simple Maui Wedding for your Maui wedding package needs? We are extremely experienced Maui wedding planners completing nearly 200 weddings and Maui vow renewals on Maui last year alone. Through amazing communication our wedding customers know from the first communication "we know weddings in Maui". We listen to customers and provide some of the most popular Maui wedding packages available on the island. We have a wedding package for nearly anyone planning a destination wedding in Maui. Also, if you want to modify or add additional features to enhance your nuptials, just let us know and we can make that happen with some of our wonderful wedding add ons.

See hundreds and hundreds of our past Maui weddings on our blog, Maui Weddings by Simple Maui Wedding. Here you can see ceremonies by beach location, time of day (morning or sunset), weddings by minister used, bouquet type and read beneficial wedding tips helping you you understand more about the flow of your Maui destination wedding.

Feel confident in us as Maui wedding coordinators, because we have gone through nearly every wedding scenario. We have answers to even the toughest Maui wedding questions. Our team thinks fast on our feet dealing with challenges on a minute by minute basis during your wedding if needed. We are here to help you through your marriage planning in Maui from the time of first contact, until the time you say 'I Do'.

Once your Maui wedding is complete we have a 3 week turn around time on your wedding images. Our on-line proofing site exceeds the highest quality industry standards in proofing and print fulfillment, allowing you to enjoy your Maui honeymoon and view your wedding photos once you get home.

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